Refrigeration Service Agreement In Montauk, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, NY, and Surrounding Areas

I am Nicholas Vigliarolo, the owner of Hamptons Quality Heating and Cooling, and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work for your properties. Hamptons Quality is based right here in Montauk, and we have years of experience working with hotels and restaurants in the area. Some of our refrigeration clients in the area are 668 Gig Shack, Sloppy Tuna, Memory Motel, Muse, and Herbs market. We have done service and installations at Ruschmeyer’s, Wavecrest, Rough Riders and have even serviced many of the boats at the yacht club, and Sag Harbor Waterfront Marina.

We offer a comprehensive service and maintenance agreement for your commercial refrigeration systems. We understand that you depend on your refrigeration to accommodate your guests, and we take all steps we can to prevent an emergency breakdown. As a service agreement holder, you will have priority scheduling over non-service contract holding customers. We also will come to service your emergency without standard emergency costs.

Our technicians are professional, knowledgeable, and have years of experience working with Gurneys and the Yacht club properties. Upon acceptance of the service contract, we will come to all properties and catalog all units and schedule, submit our recommendations for repairs and preventative maintenance. Most breakdowns are due to not having proper preventative maintenance. We will come to check all systems 2 times annually to find any problems before they become an emergency situation.

Our service and maintenance agreement includes:

Ultimate tune-up and safety check

  • Check thermostats for accuracy
  • Make sure the voltage to the unit is accurate
  • Go over all gaskets to make sure they are sealing and are not cracked
  • Clear evaporator condensation lines
  • Check condensation evaporation pan
  • See if evaporator needs cleaning
  • Check condenser for the build-up and if needs to be cleaned
  • Superheat test
  • Subcooling test

We also provide the following Services with Our Maintenance Plan:

  1. Evaporator cleaning with food-safe foam cleaner if needed
  2. Condenser cleaning with a chemical if needed
  3. Annual system checks
  4. Same price charges for emergency calls
  5. Front of line scheduling for service

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